7 Apps in The Android Market That Offer Up Bitcoin Games

There are a ton of applications for the Android platform that have been released for the Android app marketplace and one of the more recent, and one that has attracted a ton of attention and is slowly gaining popularity is bitcoin games. One can find an assortment of these apps for the most part on Google Play, but here’s the skinny on a few of the more popular ones:

This app offers up multiple online game modes that can be played on the device itself or through its website. The game is played by choosing which of two sides one will side with. There is also a daily leaderboard in which one’s score can be checked by other players.

At the end of each level, there is a small square button that will award the player with coins. If it is tapped correctly, a bonus coin will be added to the player’s pocket. The smaller sizes of the coins in the game to help add to the enjoyment. If it is a wrong tapping of the button, there will be nothing extra to win.

This app, as the name suggests, awards points for each stage which a player completes, which would then translate into the number of wins it awards. It is similar to last year’s version in that it awards coins for the coins the player earns and there is also a leaderboard where one can view and keep track of the number of times one has completed each stage.

The coin collecting factor is basically the same with the previous app, but there is also a feature where the user can earn a number of coins by completing a level while also winning more than the number of times the user is needed to complete the level. The number of times the player is required to finish the level also determines how many wins that player receives.

Although not as popular as other applications for the Android platform, there is still a lot of hype about how this game is working towards giving a real-time market price for the coins one accumulates in the game. Every time the device is unlocked, the “market value” is adjusted based on the amount of coins collected by the player.

There is also a Facebook application which offers up virtual currency for the player to spend and buy and customize with in the online version of the game. Although not a free-to-play game like a lot of others on the Android Market, the Facebook application does offer up a free version of the game for players to try out.

Lastly, there is the Babbitt Wallet application. This application has a few similarities to the previously mentioned application, but also incorporates new features in its market value formula that makes it more user friendly and easy to see a player’s “pot” of virtual money which can be used for buying virtual items in the app.